What Were The Terms Of The Anglo-German Naval Agreement Signed In 1935

Germany was not allowed to fly submarines, naval aviation and only six obsolete battleships before the dreadnought; The total naval forces authorized to the Germans were six armored ships with no more than 10,000 tons of displacement, six light cruisers with no more than 6,000 tons of displacement, twelve destroyers with no more than 800 tons of displacement and twelve torpedo boats. [4] The agreement between Germany and Great Britain, signed on June 18, 1935, which limits the size of the German navy to 35% of the British common good, has often been criticized for the damage it caused to Britain`s efforts. France and Italy formed a common front against Hitler`s unilateral rejection of the colony of Versailles, which also led to the bitterness of relations between Britain and France at a time when Anglo-French unity towards Germany was essential. Nevertheless, the agreement had a broader meaning: it was part of the extensive but ultimately futile efforts to control arms control for the navy in the interwar period, and at the same time an important first step into Nazi Germany`s cowardly policy of Britain, which became known as appeasement. . . .

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