Ucco Collective Agreement 2019

However, this agreement provides that the employer still has an obligation to stabilize the wage system as quickly as possible and does not relieve it of its obligations to prison officers who are still suffering from Phoenix`s failings. Negotiator: UNIFOR Collective Agreement Expiry Date: 30 June 2022 Dispute Resolution Mechanism: Arbitration MERC members have a specific mandate: to promote and promote the union agenda and enforce the collective agreement on behalf of the Corrections Division. Although we signed our collective agreement in February 2018, she has already been at the end of her contract since May 31, 2018. That is why, last fall, we went around the 49 inhabitants to collect your requests before preparing our draft negotiations for this current round of negotiations. We have an ambitious collective agreement project that will benefit all UCCO-SACC-CSN members. Our commitment and mobilization will determine the results we achieve. The approximately 200 prison officers in the country`s 49 federal penitentiary institutions overwhelmingly adopted the agreement providing for immediate compensation for prison officers and the establishment of a simplified procedure for appeal and assessment of compensation for rights under the collective agreement, as well as the payment of damages. The union negotiated a stand-alone collective agreement for corrections. Prison employees have been recognized as essential workers and the right to strike has been replaced in favour of arbitration. The last round of negotiations made it possible to bring about significant improvements in wages and social benefits and to prepare the preconditions for the next round. The announcement of $500 million in spending for 500 new full-time jobs, more than 85% of which are in OPSEU`s corrections division – not just additional staff for existing positions – and money for the infrastructure we desperately need is the culmination of OPSEU`s hard work. It comes from countless telephone meetings and conversations with elected officials and departmental officials, collaboration with opposition MPs, Queen`s Park lobbies, campaigns, difficult negotiations and specialized legal representation.

We refused to throw in the towel. Before the negotiations, all residents are encouraged to have a needs meeting during which members of the correction of each local show up and vote on the priority requests for negotiation. These requests are then all presented in tabular manner and filed by the bargaining team. From the beginning of the negotiations, only provisional agreements are voted by the members in accordance with the arbitration rules. In the absence of a provisional agreement, the arbitrator shall accept the matters agreed upon by the union and the employer and shall make a decision on any outstanding issues that could not be agreed. . . .

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