Spanish Law Tenancy Agreements

The objective of the article below is to outline the main laws and rental rights when renting a property in Spain, so that you are fully armed before and after signing a new contract. This happens when the tenant in turn sublets premises or parts of the house to third parties. Only under-sewing is allowed, not quite. The owner must deliver his previous writing. The sublet must always be less than the main rent for rent. Subtenants are not entitled to mandatory or tacit contract renewals, which are explained below, but only tenants. However, a lessor may be included in the lease to prohibit subletting. Z.B. Standard rental agreement for several months to live in a property For rental contracts signed after 5 June 2.013, the following rules apply. Leases signed before this date have another set of rules that can be very confusing. For example, in the region of Andalusia you must comply with and submit the 806 model.

In this case, the parties are free to negotiate compensation to the lessor for the shortfall. In the absence of a formal and written contract, you cannot start a rental agreement legally. The duration of your lease can be agreed between the tenant and the lessor, but the tenant has the right to rent a property for a period of at least five years, the contract (Contrato de Arrendamiento) being renewed every year. (this has increased to seven years if the owner is a legal person). If no one takes over the lease, the contract is automatically terminated. If, during the lease, the tenant makes changes that have not been approved in writing by the lessor, the lessor may request, at the time of entering into the lease, that the tenant return the things to its previous condition. . .


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