Software License Agreement Eula

The software may contain encryption technology. They recognize that any export of software containing U.S. encryption technologies or the subsequent re-export of such software or content by a person outside the United States requires a license or other authorization from the U.S. Department of Commerce`s Bureau of Industry and Security. They also recognize that the software, which contains encryption technology and was purchased by Sony or its third-party license providers, is not intended to be used by a foreign end-user of the state. In accepting this ECJ, you agree to comply with all relevant U.S. export laws and regulations when purchasing and using the purchased product, including, but not limited to, the rules for controlling exports of cryptographic objects, and not to transfer or authorize the product or software in a prohibited country or to violate such restrictions or regulations. 11. Ownership and feedback.

The software is provided on a license or limited access basis, and you will not be granted any ownership rights, regardless of the use of terms such as “purchase” or “sale.” Atlassian and its licensees have and retain all rights, titles and interests, including all intellectual property rights, over and to Atlassian Technology (including software). From time to time, you can comment. Atlassian may use, copy, disclose, concede, distribute and use freely, in combination with its products or services, any feedback, without obligation, in or legally, on the basis of intellectual property rights or by other means. No feedback is considered your confidential information and nothing in this agreement limits Atlassian`s right to use, develop, evaluate or market products or services independently, whether they contain comments or other services. The DMCA specifically provides for reverse software engineering for interoperability purposes, so there has been some controversy over whether contractual software licensing clauses restrict this situation. The 8th Davidson – Associates v. Jung[12] found that such clauses are enforceable after the decision of the Federal Circuit of Baystate v. Bowers. [13] Notwithstanding the limited licensing above, you acknowledge that the product contains software that is subject to different conditions for the use of this software than this LAE (“Excluded Software”). Some excluded software may be covered by open source software licenses, i.e. all software licenses authorized by the Open Source Initiative as open source licenses or, for the most part, similar licenses, including, but not limited, licenses that require the distributor to provide the software in a source code as a condition of the distribution of the licensed software. Please visit to get a list of the excluded software contained in this product and the applicable terms of use from time to time.

These conditions can be changed at any time by the third party concerned without any responsibility to you. To the extent that Open Source Components licenses are required, the terms of these licences apply in place of the conditions set out in this BUM.

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