Shop Steward Agreement

The best steward in the world cannot carry the union alone. You can be one on the preparation of complaints. You can easily convince the superior. But you still need the workers behind you. Support is most important when every worker in the establishment is a member of the union and knows why. Then anyone can help you carry the ball to newcomers. With regard to matters concerning individuals, the trusted man has the right to participate in negotiations at the request of the administrator. The trusted man also has the right to negotiate and agree on behalf of a single person if that person gives permission. Congratulations to the IAM steward. I welcome you and thank you for the service you will perform for your brothers and sisters. 6. PUT LIFE IN YOUR CONTRACT Your second main task is handling complaints. Without you and your fellow stewards, the best contract can be an unexploded bomb.

You give him life. You make him run. The smartest union agent cannot build the union alone. The most effective union representative cannot do this without your help. (b) Union delegates shall be allowed to use reasonable paid working time which has been approved in advance by the administrator (whose authorisation is not inappropriately refused) to deal with and deal with complaints. However, the competence in the profession of a trusted man should be maintained throughout the mandate of the trusted man in the same way as other senior managers in the company. During their term of office, trusted persons enjoy enhanced protection against termination of the employment contract, usually under the Employment Contracts Act. Enhanced protection against dismissal concerns, in particular, collective redundancies. A man of trust not only helps to solve problems between management and work, but also acts as a local representative of the organization of work. One of the tasks of a steward is to inform union members of union news and directives. Therefore, the trusted man must familiarize himself with this information in order to ensure that he accurately answers the members` questions.

Delegates and delegates are allowed to take confidence courses. The employer must have a reason for not letting the confidenter take the course and, in unclear cases, the union must be contacted. The trusted man must have a complete understanding of the collective agreement under which workers work. The confiding man acts as a first aider when a worker files a complaint with the union, in accordance with the provisions of the collective agreement. The man of trust tries to settle the dispute with the management. Trusted people have a narrow line between what management wants and what the workforce needs in the company. Ultimately, their first priority is collective agreements for the union and its members. One of the roles of a man of trust is this: as a leader, you may need to explain to members how political action benefits them. It also means that you must be registered yourself to vote, and your name should be at the top of the list of MNPL contributions. . .


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