Welcome to Travel Panda, a sustainable local travel agency based in Athens, Greece!


I’m Nasia, a Greek passionate traveller and co-founder of Travel Panda. Being a traveler myself for years, I realised I had some very specific needs in order for me to live a joyful and meaningful travel experience. I was never amused by overly touristic places or huge impersonalized tours. What I wanted was to live an authentic experience, escape the all time classics, feel the local vibes, and to discover and understand every bit of each culture. But most importantly to feel the power of nature.

All started after 3 years of working in corporations. It came to a point where I realised that working in a corporate environment was just not for me. I quit my job and all I wanted was to discover further who I am. I started travelling and I realised that travel is the best way to meet ourselves and discover our nature with the power of nature. This was my inspiration to start travel panda. To create and offer experiences where you can get something out of every place you visit and feel its culture and the nature.


Once I realised the huge harm of mass tourism to the local communities, culture and the environment, my vision became crystal clear:

I wanted to offer you, all the travel essentials needed in order to travel comfortably in Greece and make unforgettable memories during your time off, but all of these in the most sustainable way possible! This is what Travel Panda is all about. The panda symbolizes our love for nature and people, as well as peace, in order to create the ideal circumstances for them to co-exist in harmony.



We say no to mass tourism, yes to the people, culture and nature. And prove it with actions:

  • We collaborate with local companies only.

  • We choose accomodation with partners who share the same values and ethics.

  • We embrace recycling.

  • We incorporate sustainable practices in our tours.

  • Our groups are small, to minimize any negative impact to the community or the environment.

  • We use alternative transportation whenever it’s suitable and possible ex. Electric cars, bikes etc.

Walk-in Office

40-42 Syggrou Ave.
Athens, Greece
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